First Blog, First Recipe and First Roast Chicken!

This is the first recipe we’ve decided to try and share! We both have eaten chicken in many ways and it is a regular protein that we cook. However strangely, neither of us have ever got around trying to cook a whole chicken.  So… we’ve decided to roast an entire bird for the first time!  It’s SO good! We love the smell of the slowly roasted chicken, the skin is amazing, crisp and the chicken breast is so juicy and tender!

Salt and pepper seasoning! Rub Rub Rub!

However, we must be honest, it took us three tries before we were finally satisfied especially with the flavours. On our first time, there was an excessive amount of stuffing, and we forgot to taste it. The chicken needed a lot more salt and pepper. We realised it tasted so much better with quite a generous amount of seasoning. Leaving it overnight after seasoning is highly recommended as well. The gravy took us three tries before we perfected it.  We did not like the overpowering winey taste and it was too thick on the second try.  In the end, a lot of it was just by eye in terms of the consistency we wanted.

Dicing celery!

Each time we roasted the chicken, we used a different tray. First was a ceramic, second an aluminium foil as we thought it will save us from having to wash and third a sturdy non-stick deep roasting pan.  As long as you have a thermometer, which we did, the results would be the same! FYI, the chicken did cook the fastest on the third tray and it was the biggest chicken, and we even chucked a lot more vegetables in that time round.

Only has been 5 minutes…watching it roast!
Yummy juices for the gravy.
Tada! Our first roast chicken.

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