BBQ Pork Back Ribs

Oven-Baked BBQ Pork Back Ribs Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good rack of BBQ ribs? You know its gonna be good when the bone just slips out easily on a gentle pull, and the tender meat just falls off. That is the moment when you ditch the fork and knife and simply use your cave-man hands because it is just so finger-licking good!

Our first few attempts on cooking BBQ ribs were unsatisfactory. They would turn out overly dried and tough, and the sauce was difficult to create from scratch, as it involves so many components. As usual, we had to go through many trials both on cooking technique of the ribs and on different sauces. Eventually, we finalised it and test tried it at a friend’s games night event, and it was thankfully a great success. It not only works for pork ribs, but beef ribs as well.

Rip that membrane out
Pork masseur

Let’s get started. The first thing you want to do is to remove the membrane. It is easier if you use a paper towel to grip and pull it out. Pat it dry and trim any excess fat. Next, apply oil onto the ribs and generously cover the whole pork with the spice rubs and give it a good massage. I find it easier to premix all the dry spice rubs into a bowl prior to rubbing. Let it rest for at least 20 minutes or for a stronger flavour, you may refrigerate it overnight. Another important tip is to wrap your ribs with aluminium foil, fully covering it for the 3 hours of oven-baking, as it will significantly heat up the meat and retain the juices at the same time.

Simmer and reduce to a nice thick consistency

While the rack of ribs is cooking in the oven, prepare the BBQ sauce. There are so many ways to make BBQ sauce and by all means, if you up for an adventure, you should experiment and play around with the spices/ingredients to your liking. In this recipe, you’ll make 2~3 rib racks worth of BBQ sauce. So have a spare jar ready to store and refrigerate it for no more than 10 days.

It looks wet and bad now, just you wait…

Slather the BBQ sauce after every hour. After 3 hours, remove the aluminium foils and expose the pork ribs (top side facing up) in the oven for another 10 minutes to form the BBQ crust. If your rib rack is smaller, reduce cooking time.

Serve the pork ribs and enjoy it with some chilli smoked paprika butter corns!

Note: The pork rib rack that you see below was eaten by hand and was demolished within a few minutes by two seriously starving Hungrysauruses.

Looking at it makes us hungry.

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